Sam Reynolds, Computer Geek
Looking for someone to trust that knows computers better than most? You've found the right guy!
I specialize in maintaining the technology that you use to run your business, so you can spend your time actually running your business. I understand the challenges that small businesses face with their information systems. Although a self professed Computer Geek - I’m a real guy that will use real words when I talk to you. I will listen to your requirements, provide recommendations to improve your bottom line, and help you implement those ideas professionally and effectively. I know information technology and I know small business.

What Will I Do For You And Your Business?

  • I will make purchase recommendations as well as provide sales, repairs, upgrades and preventative maintenance.
  • I will handle design, installation, configuration and management of your network, cell/phone systems, tablets and digital imaging systems.
  • I will protect your investment by making sure critical updates are installed properly and timely to your servers and workstations.
  • I will ensure that security software is installed & functioning correctly and has up to date definitions and settings.
  • I will provide remote systems management, allowing nearly instant response for most of your immediate of your needs.
  • I will design and maintain your internet presence - anywhere from elegantly simple to stylishly elaborate.
I can solve most problems quickly because it's a pretty safe bet that I've run into your particular problem somewhere else. By diversifying myself among many clients I'm exposed to a wide variety of problems and their respective solutions, as well as a wide variety of technology in general... all of which better equips me to deal with your needs. And if I don't know the answer to your problem, my research skills are second to none, so I'll find the answer quickly!

Sarah Mayne of Bellydance Grand Rapids, says...

"When my hard drive crashed and I had no backup, Sam’s ability to recover my pictures, music and business documents was a much needed and amazing thing! When it comes to computers, Sam really knows the ins, outs, ups and downs!"

I can also save you time and frustration. I eat, sleep, live and breathe technology. It fascinates me and I simply cannot get enough of it - which makes me the perfect choice for handling your tech needs. Want to learn more about how I can help your business?
Call me RIGHT NOW at 616-443-8084 and setup a time for me to visit you, review your technology, and give you a written report of my findings, FOR FREE.

Fred Plath of Trumpets & Doves Financial Services says...

"Sam's tech knowledge, and more importantly, his knowledge of how to keep that tech running like clockwork, has been priceless to us over the years. As reliant as businesses are on technology, having Sam take care of your computers is like having money in the bank. Thanks for everything you do for us, Sam!"

Stop worrying about those ‘WHAT-IF’ scenarios!
It is never a good time to lose your computer to malware or hardware failure. What would you do if your computers were down for even a day? Or if you lost all your financial info because of a drive failure? How you recover is a direct result of the knowledge and experience of your consultant. I have the expertise to minimize, and even prevent, damage from system failures.