The Story of Sam


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I'm a self-proclaimed computer-geek who lives and breathes computers every day. I got my first computer when I was only 10 years old and since then I have been consumed with learning everything I can about technology. On average I spend over 60 hours each week in front of  computers. That adds up to over 100,000 hours since I started playing with computers all those years ago!

Once I was in high school I knew I wanted to have a career that had something to do with computers. Shortly after graduation from GRCC w/ my Associate, I landed a job with Prime Bank - helping them with their conversion from paper to computer processing! What a whirlwind adventure that was! Once things settled down from the conversion process I decided to check out this whole ’PC’ market. I started my own company consulting with small businesses, explaining why they would want to have their own computer, and what that computer could do for them. Eventually I added software development to my list of services, as well as starting to build my own systems for clients.

After a few years of doing this, I started getting a lot of questions about this new ‘Internet’ thing - so I began to explain to my clients how a presence on the ‘World Wide Web’ could benefit them, letting them market not only to local customers, but also to customers in other states and even other countries. I discovered a real passion for web development - but it also pushed me hard to expand my

marketing skills, leading me to not only ‘create a page’ but to also sit down with the client and figure out how to use the Web to market their company. With so many businesses available on the Internet, the old ‘If you build it, they will come...’ philosophy just didn’t cut it anymore. So after a few marketing classes I was able to add yet another service option for my clients.

Sam Reynolds, Computer GeekNaturally as various technologies began to blur I had to add digital phone systems, digital copiers, and PDAs to my list of things to be knowledgeable about. More and more clients were asking to integrate their copiers into their network for scanning purposes... or to be able to get their email while out of the office on their PDAs and cell phones. So off for more training - this time for digital phones and copiers, but not just installation & maintenance, but also for planning as well.

Which all leads me to where I am today - one of the most valuable assets you can have for your small business. I don’t say this to be cocky or arrogant - I say it because it’s the truth... just ask my clients.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, or you don’t have to pay me a cent!